Intuitive Healing

During a healing session Kay will work intuitively to re-balance your energy systems and release blockages and old energies that are held in the physical body.

Kay’s personal approach and caring nature will put you instantly at ease.

Each session will vary depending on your needs and issues at the time. Kay will talk to you and you will work together to resolve and heal whatever has surfaced at that particular time.

These sessions will allow you to free yourself of stress, anxiety, anger, guilt, resentment and other emotions that are holding you back from being the best you can be.

Several types of modalities are used during a session depending on your personal needs.

» Aura and chakra balancing
» Massage
» Reiki
» Crystal Healing
» Angel Healing
» Bush Flower Essence

You will leave a session feeling light, relaxed and have a renewed sense of purpose.

Call for an appointment or book online.