Kay is a true unearthed gem whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for over 6 years. Kay has a true gift and natural talent. I have never been disappointed with a healing session with her. She has worked on myself, my children and husband remotely and also cleansed the energy in my house. Her insights take my breath away and her work has had a profound effect on my life. I will be forever thankful to her for the help that she has provided to not only me, but my family. I count my blessings to have found her as my guardian angel to help me navigate my path in life.

Belinda Haines

Kay Andrews has been a wonderful friend, mentor, healer and inspiration to me for over six years. As a healer Kay is incredibly powerful, intuitive and insightful. I have personally felt the immense shifts in my energy, body and mind after seeing Kay. She has an incredible gift for working with people in a professional, yet incredibly caring and sensitive manner. As soon as I am in her presence I have always felt instantly at ease, especially when discussing sensitive and painful matters. As a meditation teacher, seeker and aspiring writer myself, I always turn to Kay for my own self care. I feel that she is a shining beacon for anyone whom struggles with being themselves, as she throws her true authentic self into all her work with honest integrity and love. I couldn't recommend her enough.

Kirsty Beaton

Kay is an incredibly powerful and gifted intuitive healer with a beautiful, warm energy. There is something quite ancient and unique about Kay and her healing techniques and the wisdom and guidance she imparts. Whenever I’m with Kay I feel so connected to spirit and the truth, and experience absolute clarity about life. After each session I feel brand new and back on path. I first started seeing Kay for energetic healing around the time I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It could have been a very daunting time for me, but Kay’s healing sessions healed all fear and trauma, and I remained positive and at peace throughout the entire journey. If it wasn’t for Kay, my journey would have been completely different, and I don’t know how I would have made it through without her. So grateful to have found this wonderful lady.

Tennille Fankhauser

​Two words..Profound and ​Remarkable​! After 20 years of practicing energy work and studying with healing masters, I recognise Kay as one of a handful of elite practitioners who ​is able to ​hold a space of such unconditional acceptance and intrinsic wholeness such that healing occurs at the deepest of levels for her clients.​ Kay's connection to Source to identify and release blocks, limiting beliefs and conditioning is extraordinary. She is an energy professional who brings beautiful intuition, deep compassion and authenticity to all of her healing sessions.​ I work with Kay on a personal and professional level. I trust her. I am grateful for all the remarkable changes she has helped me to bring into my life. ​You are in good hands ​with Kay, a healing journey like no other. I would recommend ​Kay to anyone wanting help ​on their healing path with health, family, career, finances or any issues relating to self.

D​eanne Bennett
Beaches Healing

Kay is a very powerful healer. She had a gift that sees into your energetic field and aura. In a moment she can read whats going on for you, where it has stemmed from and how to release it. In releasing at this deep level of energy, Kay facilitates the change that you and your higher self is seeking. The whole experience is beautifully enriching, relaxing with a gifted healer who deeply cares for her clients. I would highly recommend Kay to anyone who is seeking answers or change or just for the purpose of a deeply relaxing spiritual massage.

Antoinette Barnet

I received the most beautiful energetic healing from Kay, I visited her at a time when I felt overloaded, the healing was very peaceful and she gave me a really lovely massage all the while calling for blessings and clearings of past ties and family history in a way that felt incredibly nurturing and powerful. Just to have someone focus that much love and attention on you and wish for everything good to come your way was such a beautiful experience. I left floating on a cloud. Kay is very generous with her time and energy in our community, always helping others; and she conducts her business with the utmost integrity. Kay gifted me a healing for my elderly rescue dog Maisie who at the time of Kay’s visit had not eaten for eight days after an age related cerebral event - and I had an appointment with the vet again the next day to determine what to do next. But within an hour of Kay giving her a healing Maisie was eating BBQ chicken from my hands and she went on to live a good life for two more years. What a result!!

Misa Carroll

I have been seeing Kay for over 2 years now. Both face to face and distant healing. She has helped me work through crisis with clarity and calmness. She is flexible and always accommodates in times of need. Distance healing works well for me. I have even had Kay do Energy work on my mother in law at my request. The outcome was astounding. She was the lightest I have ever seen her. I always look forward to my time with Kay and cannot recommend her enough.

Sama Farzad